GPS-GLONASS-270 unit
GPS-GLONASS-270 unit-2

TEC 800 series + GPS/GLONASS-270 – made for each other.
Finding your vehicle never been easier. Can't remember where you parked? Out of town and want to send your coordinates to friends? With additional GPS unit for GSM system it is no longer a problem.

"Point on map" – 1 meter precision

Point on map is avaliable with any TEC GSM system. To enable it GPS/GLONASS-270 unit is required. Every 3 seconds it checks for vehicles position and transmits it to GSM security system, which can send data at owners request. Owner can request vehicle position at any time. To do it, just call you alarm or send a special SMS. As a reply you will get SMS message containing links to Google, Apple and Yandex maps. Or you can just open an app on your smartphone, connect to your vehicle and check its position.  

Advantages of GPS/GLONASS-270:

  • Maximal reliability. GPS and GLONASS sattelite connection 

  • Perfect for hidden installation,without intrusion to the interior design, Unit is very small - just 50х25х6,7 mm – and can be installed in any place with best reception. For example unit can be installed in the windshield pillars

  • Stable reception is ensured by Swiss made integrated circuit U-blox UC530M with built in antenna. U-blox is a leading company in the field of automotive navigation and electronics

  • Simplicity and convinience - nothing to setup. Unit connects via TP-BUS and power channel, and is immediately ready for work. After connecting GPS/GLONASS, voice menu and application will be automatically reconfigured and geolocation will be activated. 

  • Easy to install - 3 meter harness with connector comes in box with the unit

Technical Specifications

  •  Operating current - 9 … 15 V

  •  Maximum current consumption - 0,5 mA

  •  Maximum current consumption in operating mode - 40 mA

  •  Operating temperature - 40 … + 85°С

  •  Storage temperature - 40 … + 85°С

  •  Maximum relative humidity - 95 %


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