Modern day driver aids are becoming more and more commonplace, improving the comfort of your car. However, some of these aids can act as an easy route in for a potential thief.  One of these systems is keyless entry and push button start. It was estimated that 6000 vehicles were stolen in London in 2015 alone using keyless techniques, also known as a relay attack or OBD theft. 



What is a relay attack?


Two or more thieves can use sophisticated technology to amplify the signal from your key fob to unlock your car. Two devices are needed for this attack, both of which can be easily bought online relatively cheaply. One thief will stand by the car with a transmitter, while the second thief will approach the house with an amplifier. When the amplifier picks up the signal from the key fob it boosts the signal, which is picked up by the transmitter allowing it to effectively become the key and unlock and start the car. All of this can occur in a few minutes.  



What can you do to protect your vehicle from a relay attack?


A second immobiliser, such as Magicar’s Invisible Touchsystem can be added to your vehicle to add an extra layer of security, providing you with a method to start your car that is entirely unique to your vehicle. Although adding a tracker will not protect your car from theft, it can help recover a vehicle if it is stolen. 



What is OBD (onboard diagnostics computer) theft?


If a thief has gained access to your vehicle by breaking a window or any other method, they can plug a device into the OBD port of your car. This device can be used to hack into your car’s computer and over-ride the alarm system in the car and even program new keys. 



What can you do to protect your vehicle from OBD theft?


Magicar can install the OBD Guardianto your car; this is a small device that connects to the OBD port to encrypt it. The technology used by the thieves will then be unable to hack your car’s computer. You will be provided with an adaptor that will still allow your OBD port to be used by a garage to diagnose any faults with your vehicle. 

How theft occurs
How theft occurs


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