Wireless Relay pLine

Wireless relay pLine

Wireless relay pLine-221 can be used to lock any circuit in the vehicle. It is compatible with Prizrak-520/540, 720/740, 820/840. Prizraks transmits data to the relay via power source.


Relay pLine – additional security layer. Relay can be hidden in the vehicles wiring, and it has no direct link to the security system. It contains accelerometer, this is a backup way to stop the engine. It will lock the engine as soon as vehicle starts to move, even if central unit was removed. Relay can be fitted in underhood space, it is heat and water resistant.


Data is transfererred via Frequency-shift keying through PLC (Power Line Communication), in other words, via factory wiring. This way relay has a stable connection with the unit even if your vehicle is being radio jammed.
Special transmitter ICs are used for maximum reliability, forming sin signal  with automatic amplitude correlation. Not only it provides best performance, but also provides the best link between central unit and relay, and leaves out chances of discharges in your vehicles wiring.


This relay performes much better than radio frequency relay and provide safety, security, reliability - qualities for which TEC electronics is lnown for.

Technical Specifications

  • Operational voltage - 9 … 15 V

  • Oprational temperature - 40 … + 85°C

  • Storage temperature - 40 … + 85°C   

  • Maximum relative humidity - 95 %


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